I dropped the ball…

I intended to do a once or twice a week post with the daily Q’s since moving my daily journaling to hand written journals, but with summer my schedule seemingly bursting at the seams, sitting down at the computer for blogging is a challenge these days.

As well, we no longer have cable so my son is spending a lot of time outside. This is awesome, kids should be outside, but it also means that I am right there with him. So while it’s wonderful, I don’t end up getting a lot of things done inside the house that need to get done (like daily chores) or other things I would like to get done (like blogging) several days during the week.

😛 I could have worse problems!

Also, I’ve kind of dropped the ball in regards to… well all of my daily stuff (journal, questions and yoga). It only takes a day or two to completely slip out of the habit or plan “to catch up” tomorrow, etc. So, this means that I will be restarting at Day 1 again for everything with August 1st being my start day. I thought about starting earlier, but I feel like the last two weeks of July will be too hectic. I don’t want to set myself up for failure!

The next two weeks will allow me a gander at my list to see what I’m working on and what I may be crossing off this summer/fall. I know I’ve got at least one thing to cross off, soon to be two, so I best get some posts in the works 🙂


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