Day 68 ~ swimming, driving and sports (Oh, MY!)

Day 68 ~ January 14th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: slugabed ~ a lazy person who stays in bed late
Today’s Calendar Quote:I dwell in possibility.” — Emily Dickinson

It was a busy day!! I think we spent more time out of the house than it today!

Swimming lessons (through SwimAbility) at the pool across the bridge started early this afternoon and despite getting there earlier than intended and have to wait (which was difficult for my son!) he did amazing! He held hands with his instructor no problem so he wouldn’t run on the pool deck (a strange male! This is rare!), cleaned up the rings he was playing with before leaving the pool, didn’t freak out when he didn’t get the ball, and left the pool & right to me without a single hitch!
I am beyond pleased that this went so well because he loves water!!! *happy dance*

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Day 67 ~ crushed PR

Day 67 ~ January 13th, 2018

I did a long run today, the first I’ve done since the fall when I did my last race of the season. It felt great and I completely crushed my 10km time!! My previous one was 49min and 55-56secs I believe and today I finished 10.3km in 50minutes even *fist pump* The hard focus on shorter, faster paced runs for the months of Nov and Dec have clearly paid off and I’m so glad!