Day 65 ~ kidlet sonic feet!

Day 65 ~ January 11th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: knosp ~ a budlike ornament
Today’s Calendar Quote:There is a basket of fresh bread on your head, yet you go door to door asking for crusts.” — Rumi

A fantastic morning despite being incredibly sore from my core workout yesterday! Kidlet was in a great mood so that means the day start off on the right foot and it gives up more options to begin his schedule with as well.

This morning we went to the indoor track as I’ve wanted to take him for a while and not able to get it planned just right. All that changed this morning and he did amazing there and he had fun!! It was a mish-mash of walking and running but we ended up going just under two kilometers. I can’t wait to take him back again and I am ecstatic that he seems to actually like running!

My upper-lower body weight split is going the way I intended it too and I gotta say I’m impressed with myself. I normally end up tweaking a few things each day, especially in the first week, but that hasn’t been the case this time around. So far the only thing I am changing is what day I do my elbow lever practice because I had it on the day after my core day… That is utter silliness as my core is supposed to be at least a little destroyed so it makes no sense to attempt, and work on, something requires so much core strength and endurance with them so far from fresh.

Lesson is learned and I’m switching it to my leg day before my core day so I can use that practice time efficiently.

Today’s Question: What is the most important quality you look for in another person?

I think it would whether you speak your mind or not, essentially honesty, and an ability to appreciate perspective.
I mean a basic amount of geek-ness is kind of necessary as well 😛

Cheers ~ ✌

Daily Yoga (#15) ~ 56/365
Daily Question (#124) ~ 56/365
Daily Journal (#130) ~ 65/365


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