Day 64 ~ time sucked day and impossibilities (or maybe not!)

Day 64 ~ January 10th, 2018

Today’s Calendar Word: velleity ~ a wish or inclination that is not strong enough to lead one to take action.
Today’s Calendar Quote:We are born from a quiet sleep, and we die to a calm awakening.” — Zhuangzi

I went to my mom’s new place with a friend of hers to help do some piddley stuff around there this morning. It was a good little chunk of fix ups done in a few hours and it got me a couple of curtain rods for my place and two metal rods to make raised bird feeders that the squirrels can’t climb.

I think I will start painting the kitchen or upstairs hall next week. It’s been kind of low on my list of things to get done because I’ve had so much else to do on my kid-less days. The reason I should have time for this now is that I’ve decided to shelve doing the English 12 course this year. I’m hoping that my son will develop some good relationships from now until the end of summer which will allow me some time for things like this if I pick it up again in the fall. Fingers crossed this happens!

I’ve had next to no time to get anything done for the course now and with my son’s schedule about to get super busy I don’t need something else to stress out about. I already sleep terribly most nights so I do not need to make it worse than it already is. Plus I still need to contact the hospital about going in for another biopsy. I’ve unintentionally procrastinated doing that for too long and I’ve made a note to get that done tomorrow after lunch.

I mean today is actually a great example to show the why of my decision. I was gone helping out my mom from eight in the morning until noon so I didn’t get home until just before one this afternoon. When I got home I immediately started doing my workout, which was body weight abs and running stairs, so a shorter workout than most days. I even wore tights under my wrecked, work pants so I was all set for afterwards and could just get ‘er started. As soon as I finished my workout I changed and ran to the grocery to grab supper for my son and some snacks for the guys super quick so I could get home in time for my son’s dad to drop him off. When I got home again I started up the laundry and got the dishes done.
It is now seven-thirty at night and I’m finishing up laundry stuff, two more loads to fold when the last dries, and put the dry dishes away before bedtime. So at this point I’ve had no ‘relax’ time and it’s been twelve hours since I got up. This is the biggest reason school is not fitting in to my days and this wasn’t even a day with my son home all day with his crazy schedule!

Mentally I feel I’ve made the best course of action in regards to English course and I’m hopeful that the fall might be a better time to give it a shot.

On a fun note, I am going to a beginner’s pole dancing class next week with a friend of mine and I am so excited!!!! *happy dance*
I know it is going to be a good time!

Today’s Question: Talk about a time when you made what had once seemed impossible, possible.

I remember working towards being able to do a pull-up. Not several of them, but just one. It was frustrating that I could get so close, but not make it happen. I had a bar installed above my bedroom door and I practiced every single day for months and months. In my fitness journal over the years I’ve met more people telling me I couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to do things either because of my size or my gender than ones offering encouragement in any way. I can’t say that I recall the exact date that I was about to do one, but I do remember the feeling. I felt like a total badass haha And after I could one, it was close to every two weeks or so that I adding an extra rep my pull-up amount!

Now I can do 20 in a row, which is on my bucket list and is obviously completed now *smirk smirk*, and I’m hoping to increase that rep amount by the end of this year! This is something that I never, ever thought I would be able to do and now I crush it!!

Cheers ~ ✌

Daily Yoga (#15) ~ 55/365
Daily Question (#124) ~ 55/365
Daily Journal (#130) ~ 64/365


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