Day 62 ~ a rarity and body wiggles

Day 62 ~ January 8th, 2018

A high-strung start to the day but we got it sorted quicker than expected. I simply removed the iPad from my son’s possession because it was causing so many darn issues it was better for him not to have it.

Piano lessons started back up today, but instead of out at the teacher’s home they are at our place now. This made the lesson a hundred times better as my son was happy and engaged with not only the teacher, but the lesson contents as well. I am going to get some letters stuck to the keys so he can differentiate which key is which and I honestly think he will get it quickly and love it! I’m looking forward to see how he does in only a months time 🙂

I had all my brother here in the early evening for a short bit and it was actually kind of nice. The Army bro is heading back home to Edmonton real soon so all of them together doesn’t happen very often at all. My son was super excited to have them all around too, or at least this is what his uncontrollable body wiggles suggested haha

Today’s Question: Do you take people’s advice?

I do, providing it is sound, logical advice. I’d like to think I have a decent thinking head on my shoulders, but I do appreciate the sounding board (brainstorming or outside-the-box thinking) that comes with hashing things out with others. I’ve come up with some great ideas this way and been introduced to just as many brilliant ones from friends or co-workers by the end of the conversation.

Bottom line is if I’m having this kind of chit-chat session with you it means that I respect you and your opinion so I will take to heart any advice given to me. I don’t ask thoughts or opinions of others lightly and I appreciate candor more than anything else in situations like these.

Cheers ~ ✌

Daily Yoga (#15) ~ 53/365
Daily Question (#124) ~ 53/365
Daily Journal (#130) ~ 62/365


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