Day 59 ~ this yo-yo game

Day 59 ~ January 5th, 2018

An up and down morning with the kiddo… This are tougher days because it’s difficult to play the same yo-yo game as him when we are not on the same wavelength. But we get through it regardless and at the end of the day he was a super happy camper so I count that as a win in my books. Every day can’t be smooth sailing so the hiccup-y days are to be expected!

Today’s Question: Could you be persuaded to kill someone? If you answered no, how much money would it take to change your mind?

My answer is equivocally no. I am a pacifist, those that know me are aware of this, my army brother even mocks me on occasion about this as well. The only time I would use physical violence is if I, or someone I cared about was blatantly (or even subtlety) in physical danger. I say this often to the people around that I react to how people initially interact with me so at this point it would be self-defense.

So to answer the second of this question there is no amount of money that could make me kill someone whether they deserved it or not. That is not mark I would like in my energetic ledger so-to-speak at the end of the day.

Cheers ~ ✌

Daily Yoga (#15) ~ 50/365
Daily Question (#124) ~ 50/365
Daily Journal (#130) ~ 59/365


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