Day 56 ~ it’s changed again

Day 56 ~ January 2nd, 2018

I slept terribly last night…. I didn’t even fall asleep until almost two in the morning *sigh* And this is the reason I am so unmotivated today I think. Though the stupid grey, cloud coverage for nearly a week isn’t exactly helping either… I hope I sleep better tonight in any case.

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Day 55 ~ glee can’t be contained

Day 55 ~ January 1st, 2018

Kiddo was beyond ecstatic all day long and it was so lovely! He was so happy about everything that he was almost constantly running back and forth and doing his excited wiggles haha It was adorable and I love seeing him so elated he literally is vibrating with glee and unable to physically output it correctly 🙂 A great start to a new year!

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