Day 51 ~ focus change, new goals

Day 51 ~ June 18th, 2017

It seems so strange to not be doing any Math during some of my free time on a Sunday… It’s awesome, but odd as I got into such a routine with it for nearly 6 months. So, so glad to be finished the course and I’m curious what my final grade for it is, but I won’t know that until I get my updated transcript in the mail in July most likely. I know I passed at least so that’s really all that matters and I don’t need to do anymore either *fist pump*

Lots of brainstorming/mulling over going on the last few weeks in regards to some new fitness goals. I achieved all my previous ones between last year and this year so I needed to get some new targets going to help me stay motivated.
I’ve decided to start working towards doing 100 push-ups in a row. Right now my max is 56 so I’ve got a way to go, but I enjoy push-ups and with a good, consistent plan I should be able to do it. I still plan to work at being able to do a front lever and a planche, I just won’t be super focused on them over the summer I don’t think.
Over the summer I will be mostly focused on running, try to get faster still, lots of leg & ab work, and still some weights as well. I want to be able to do 10 perfect pistol squats on each leg so hence the frequent leg work basically every other day.

Another thing I’ve worked on this week is getting a new signs in my car, at my front door, a small one for my wallet (and for anyone else that will have my son in their care), and a handout done up for the complex. All basically state that my son is Autistic and some of the challenges that he has on a daily basis are listed as well. This was challenging for me to do as I am a private person, I don’t believe that strangers need to know such personal matters unless it in some way will affect them. On the other hand I know that doing this is helpful for my son because the more people who are aware and/or informed means the safer he is here at home and in the general community.

Things that I am grateful for/about/that today:

~ so many cuddles on the couch this morning with my son
~ I got out for a run before lunch time while it was sunny and it was lovely!
~ did a bit of work updating my physical book library database this morning
~ the gardens are doing amazing!
~ afternoon BBQ’s 😀


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