Day 47 ~ Am I in a type warp?

Day 47 ~ May 20th, 2017

I feel like every day for the past two weeks has been so incredibly busy and yet I can’t recall what I’ve had going on for the most part!

School is coming to a close for myself and my son in a months time. This means I am trying to get the Pre-Calc course I am working on finished up and keep my son moderately on track with all of his stuff as well. I have all his lessons planned out from now until the last day of school so that is a huge organizational gain!

Coming to the tail end of “spring cleaning” this week. I finished downsizing the file cabinet from four drawers to two drawers. I haven’t gone through all of those in probably two or three years so I got rid of a ton of stuff and have a decent ‘to shred’ pile going on too.

Yesterday I switched out my old, very broken, desk for a new one and I love it!! I have the printer and PlayStation consoles on the right side, screen/keyboard in the center, and the left side is empty so I can spread out and do Math or reports/other paperwork in the future. Perfect set-up in my opinion!

Most of the yard work/gardening is finished. I got to work on about half of the back lawn this afternoon and have to lovely blisters on my right palm for all that work… But hopefully I only need to seed it once and we get some decent grass back there this year. I might re-seed a few patches in the front but will wait and see if it fills in on its own first. I have everything planted for the most part now too. I will probably plant a few more flowers sporadically, but all the veggies are planted and off to a good start. I just need to plant some more herbs and then the waiting commences šŸ™‚

Only one week until the next 10km race via MEC here in the Okanagan. The route was just released a day or two ago and it seems to be one big loop this time (no laps) so that floats my boat. It is also a trail run, no road, so I am quite jazzed about that and I’ve never ran in this area either so it’s brand new for me! I’ve been working on my pace big time since the first race and I’m curious to see how well I will do this time. I know I will do great on the third race because it’s on the main trail by my place and I run it all the time so I am looking forward to that one in June (? or maybe July can’t recall which month..).

Things that I am grateful about/for today:

~ planting grass seeds in the back yard
~ it’s warm enough for no shirts and bikinis!!
~ that is hasn’t flooded here or anywhere near my home as of this point
~ getting rid of things that we don’t need or use
~ my son finding wasps scary and not ‘interesting’ –> (as in I want to catch-and-play-with-you kind of interesting)

Cheers ~ ✌


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