Day 46 ~ still winter in the nooks

Day 46 ~ April 23rd, 2017

Got out for a bike ride on the Myra Trestles this morning with Hulkhands and a friend. It was a perfect day for it! No wind or rain! There was still a fair bit of snow in the middle bit so we opted to turn around at that point because tromping in the snow with bikes is definitely not ideal, especially without fat tires. Give it another month or so and it will all be melted and we can head up again for a jaunt.

Thankfully I was thinking far enough ahead and took something to help deal with my allergies for the day. The two things I am most allergic to in this area are pollinating like crazy right now, so the eyes and nose are going haywire!

Trestle Trek Photo Album – April 23rd, 2017

I can’t wait to get started on the second week of the 5 Day Split I am currently doing. Taking the whole weekend off from lifting is incredibly difficult for me! And I am curious to see if I’ll be able to increase any of my weights and/or max out my reps for some exercises I didn’t last week.

Only five weeks until the next race and I need to start do at least two more runs a week if I want to get my time shaved down. And I need to make sure one of those is intervals or a pace run. The possibility of a medal before the end of the season is still kind of mind-boggling to me. It would be cool to make that happen, but I will be totally fine if it doesn’t either. Running is a type of therapy and long-term I don’t want it to become a competitive activity for me.

Things that I am grateful for/about today:

~ getting a swinging deal on protein powder, amino acids (recovery stuffs), and vitamins! (Thanks C 🙂 )
~ longer time on the trampoline with my son. Working on some specific gross motor skills.
~ projects around the house slowly getting done
~ I am getting better at highway driving. I am even able to move back and forth between lanes confidently!
~ going for a bike ride this morning

Cheers ~ ✌


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