First 10K race of the season

OK! Finally getting this post done!
As I said yesterday, two weeks ago as of today actually was my first race of the 2017 season and it was an alright race.

 photo 2 walking to the start line_zps5opcjtky.jpg

I say alright because it was bloody cold and windy! At the start of the race it was only 5 degrees Celsius, without the wind chill involved, so far from what I think are ideal running conditions. My face was so wind burned by the end of it!! Though aside from the tight, stinging feeling it caused for the rest of the day it was nice to have some colour in my cheeks 😛 Thankfully by a few km’s into the race the sun came out and the wind died down some and stayed that way for the rest of the race.

The cons to this race were: the temperature, the wind, and that it was a lapped course, so I had to fun the same section of the route twice -_- I despise having to do this when I am running as it makes it so monotonous and the time seem like it’s moving in slow motion.

 photo 3 after the race_zpsnf7ktmnb.jpg

The pros to this race were: it didn’t rain like the forecast said it would, the route was well labeled/organized, I ran a section of waterfront I’d never been to that I plan to take my kiddo to, and the volunteers along the route were awesome!

 photo 4 across the finish line_zpss7lrf4qo.jpg

Overall it was a decent first run of the season and I have 5 more planned between May and the end of Oct and I am looking forward to all of them. They are all nicely spaced apart too so I have enough recovery time between them. So fingers-crossed I stay injury-free and sickness-free for the foreseeable future!!


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