Day 39 ~ seed prep and zen

Day 39 ~ March 8th, 2017

It was a decent day, a glorious day if I counted only all the sunshine that happened for it! I bought a whole bunch of seeds to get started indoors so I can transplant them when it’s warm enough outside. There is so much that I want to plant this year so I hope I’ve got my areas sorted well enough. I think I am going to have only flowers up in the front yard and I’ll keep all the berries and veggies out in the back yard. I have one more plot that I want to dig up and then I just need some soil to that in and one other space. I might top up some of the others while I am at it too.

The stone footpath looks awesome and the rocks seem to be nicely settled. I’ll need to get some grass seed, top soil, and extra fertilizer and here’s hoping the grass will come in wonderfully around the path.

As I’ve said before I am still doing daily yoga and for this month I am moving through 30 Days of Yoga via Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. I am enjoying this program more than I did Yoga Camp with her. I think it’s because the days seem to be shorter, between 16-30min and not 30-50min like in YC. I would love to have the time in my day to do yoga for over 30 minutes, but that is not realistic for me. Yoga isn’t relaxing if you’re constantly interrupted whilst trying to do it. Plus, there is less of a “zen/chill” intro on the 30DoY videos which is better for me. The zen-outs should be kept for the end of the routine in my opinion, it makes more sense.

Though that said, I’ve done an okay job of fitting in some meditation time each day for just over a week. Typically between 5-10 minutes of it and it feels good to be getting that in once more.

Things I am grateful for/about today:

~ my teeth hurting a lot less!
~ an extra core workout
~ printing some sheet music off
~ just the right amount of soreness in my body from my workout yesterday and today 🙂
~ all the snow from yesterday/last night has completely melted already

Cheers ~ ✌


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