Day 37 ~ smiles, eye contact, & pretend

Day 37 ~ March 6th, 2017

In between sets during my workout this morning my son randomly came up and gave me cuddles and soooooo much eye contact and smiles!! This is rarely done on his own! He will typically do something of this nature if I ask for a hug/cuddle or he is copying my so this made me smile the biggest smile ever!! 😀

And another moment we had, again this morning, was while playing on the stairs (doing a body break) and I accidentally bonked my head off the metal holder of the railing. I stopped and said “owww~!” and rubbed my head and he immediately said “oh, are you ok?” and grabbed my head and gave it a kiss better! So much bloody cuteness crammed into one morning and all of it was instigated by him, no modelling or prompting from me in the slightest. Moments like these two help me carry on with the things I do with him even when I see no discernible progress day-to-day (or sometimes even week-to-week), but I know it is working!

On a less fun note to do with the kiddo, he climbed a shelf in his room this evening and it broke… and he busted up the window screen too. Oh well, there is never a dull moment here that is for certain! Just when you think it’s all good, literally the biggest boom/crash will happen to send you running!

My traps were incredibly sore yesterday, I couldn’t move my neck all that much without a ton of pain. Thankfully it seems to be a lot better today as I am not moving around like a robot or constantly cringing. Thanks for helping me out with that Hulkhands 🙂 Tomorrow is leg day which is always my least favourite workout day as it usually just murders my legs for days.

Things I am grateful for/about today:

~ very little soreness in my body today
~ getting out to the park with my son
~ I got the list of phone calls on my ‘to-do’ list done this morning
~ getting plastic sleeves prepped for some more crafts/visuals to do with my son for school
~ cleaning the pics from my old iPhone finally

Cheers ~ ✌


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