Day 35 ~ slight procrastinating… , daily pretzel continues

Day 35 ~ March 4th, 2017

I haven’t worked on any Math since Wednesday… It’s technically the Mid-Term review I am on now so no new stuff to go over this week. But, I’ll get a bunch of that assignment done on Sunday and on Tuesday as I don’t write that exam until Wednesday. So, I’ve got lots of time to get it finished and I kind of need it completely quiet when I work on it too. And, well… quiet doesn’t exist at home if the kidlet and everyone else is home too 😛

I’ve continued on with daily yoga since the beginning of 2017 and I am pleased to see the progress in my flexibility even if it is slow progress. The things that I am most pleased with at this time is that I can place my heels flat in downward dog and I place my palms flat in forward fold. I never thought I’d do that so quickly!
Until the end of March I’ll be continuing on with Yoga With Adriene and then starting up some runner specific yoga that I will mix in with some strength yoga routines as well in the months afterwards. I’d still love to take a few classes just to really make sure I’m getting the poses just right, but I definitely feel a lot more comfortable in many of them.

Things that I am grateful for/about today:

~ I’ve managed to start and finish a few books over the last couple of days! This hasn’t happened in months and it feel awesome!!
~ I got all the new visual symbols for my son’s SLP (Speech Therapy) Core Words glued down this week. They are technically in his AAC device, but I wanted to have the symbols physically on hand just in case and it makes it easier to use immediately through the day. Now I just need to cut them out and tape them up.
~ I still have decent progress with my splits even after not doing them for a while
~ so sunny today!!!!!
~ starting some sunflower seeds indoors this morning with my son

Cheers ~ ✌


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