Day 25 ~ happy dancing ^_^

Day 25 ~ January 27th, 2017

Not as nice out today and the day also seems to be moving very slowly… *sigh* At least it isn’t raining or snowing though so that is a silver lining!

My son was trying to do Yoga poses on the mat this morning. It was so cute! I got down and did Downward Facing Dog, Cobra, Forward Fold, Plank, and Root to Rise with him after watching him try on his own.
I’ve only started doing yoga since the beginning of the new year so it’s cool see him taking an interest in something I am doing fitness-wise that he could benefit from too!!

Registered for five 10k races starting in April and carrying on until October of this year. I am so excited!! I wasn’t all that certain what, or if, I would be doing any this year, but that was an amazing deal! I’m looking forward to getting my overall 10km time dwindled down by the summer 😀

Things that I am grateful for today:

~ I didn’t have to do the dishes today (thanks Hulkhands!)
~ the Factoring unit for Pre-Calc actually seems to make sense this time around
~ I found a torrent of BTS’ HYYH Epilogue Concert so I can watch it!
~ not needing an electric mixer to do any baking
~ short finger nails

Cheers ~ ✌


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