Day 23 ~ zoom zoom and good news

Day 23 ~ January 25th, 2017

It seems that this is a difficult daily habit for me to create, more so than I thought it would be! I think that the key will be starting this post first thing in the morning. Once dinner time hits my motivation to sit and do some thinking/typing drastically drops. I’ll try this, this week and see how well it helps me.

I drove to Vernon this morning as I needed to go to the Teach and Learn store in the city. It was my full first drive on the highway and it was much easier during the daylight hours. On the way out-of-town I was flabbergasted at how many people were excessively speeding. And by that I mean doing at least 120km/hour, and many were likely going faster than that, in a 90km zone! I just can’t quite comprehend why anyone would want to drive that fast period as high speeds definitely increase my anxiety while on the road.

Off that topic, I got what I needed at the teaching store. Some sight word flashcards, letter stamps, the next HWOTs printing book, the next math book in the series my son is working through, a prepositions game, and some fun fitness cards for us to do for body breaks. I am looking at yoga game and Roll & Play game for him as well (from, but I need to check with his teacher to see if that is covered by his schooling costs. Hopefully they are because they would be fantastic games to get for him and I actually would enjoy myself too!

Some other cool news is that I got a phone this afternoon about Respite for my son via the At Home Funding Program. Typically it’s over a year wait list for these funds and thankfully I’ve only had to wait about two months I believe. I go sign the paperwork next and I should hopefully get that started real soon!!

Things I am grateful for today:

~ having a good experience driving on the highway this morning
~ increasing some of my weights this morning. Getting stronger! Yes!
~ not completely losing my cool when I had some issues with my computer this morning
~ getting my desk cleaned up/off today

Cheers ~ ✌


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