Day 22 ~ small feats and inner smiles

Day 22 ~ January 21st, 2017

I slept through the night without any coughing!! Huzzah! It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been able to do that! Here’s hoping that tonight it is the same thing *fingers crossed*

On a total random note that is likely to seem like a small feat to most, is that I put gas in my car for the second time ever! Earlier this week was my first time going to a gas station and using a gas pump, but this time I used my debit instead of cash. Again, a regular activity for most people, but something that I’d never done before as I didn’t drive until this December. Anyway…. I was happy dancing internally after this a bit. Yay! for small personal gains 😛

I went for a run today at the track with my brother and I am way more out of shape than I thought I would be. Not so much speed-wise, but conditioning-wise I took a hit big time. My brother is really fast! Even at the top of my game, I wasn’t running as quick as him.
I’m just so glad I could go for a run today after over two months without this aspect of fitness. Climbing the steps to the track/gym this morning I was actually feeling giddy with excitement haha
I’m hoping to get out for another run tomorrow or the next day and maybe even outside too as the temperature has been above zero 😀

What I am grateful for today:

~ Hulkhands getting me a coffee first thing this A.M. ❤
~ actually feeling relaxed while driving today
~ getting to go for a run ^-^
~ back cracks
~ dancing to good tunes with my brother and son

Cheers ~ ✌

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