Day 20 ~ no lesser evil and some adaptation

Day 20 ~ January 11th, 2017

I hope I am getting to the last stages of this damn cold as my dry cough seems to have transitioned to a wet cough. It is my preferred of the two as a dry cough just friggin’ hurts!! Neither one is awesome though as it makes it so tough to get any sleep… Only a few hours last night, I’ve been up since 4AM and before that I was up at 1AM for about 45 minutes. I tried to get a small nap in later this morning, but it just wasn’t happening.

Minor surgery happened two days ago and now waiting on some more test results from that and hopefully good news! Yesterday was the worst so far for soreness/pain, but it thankfully hasn’t been too bad overall. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed afterwards and I’m glad that isn’t the case.
The part that sucks the most is that I can’t do any running for 2 weeks… My poor knees and back are starting to hurt more and more without that aspect to my fitness. I’m hoping to try some light jogging next week either at the track or just some indoor laps at home.

Continuing on with parts of my challenges and I’ll play catch up later in the month and carrying on with the weight program for this month too. If I need to I will lower my weights a bit, but I am not putting it on hold. I am going to try to keep on top of the daily Yoga Revolution as well as that makes me feel equal parts amazing and sore. Completed Day 10 this morning and it was quite relaxing today.

I might try to get some Pre-Calc done this evening I guess… I don’t really want to still not a fan of Math, but I should do it regardless right 🙂

Cheers ~ ✌


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