Day 16 ~ normalcy and getting all of the things done

Day 16 ~ January 1st, 2017

With all the holidays being over its nice to get back into a routine. It’s certainly helping with my overall motivation for everything, especially exercising. It does help that I am no longer sick at all too!! *insert fanfare here*
I can’t believe I caught three colds basically back-to-back… Just ridiculous!

The last couple of days here have been incredibly productive. 2017 is kicking off just right for me 😀
I’ve gotten so many things organized/cleaned/sorted it’s insane and it feels amazing after the last month and a half of feeling like a nearly dead slug.

Went and saw Assassin’s Creed this afternoon and I really liked it! Apparently a lot of people haven’t liked it and it hasn’t gotten great reviews, but I am definitely psyched about more movies in that franchise *rubs hands in glee*

Not much else is coming to mind at this time. I am going to try very hard to start typing first thing in the morning for these posts so I don’t get to this time of the day and just want to get it out-of-the-way. Hopefully I can make that happen!

Cheers ~ ✌


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