Day 14 ~ breathe of relief *click click*

Day 14 ~ December 24th, 2016

I drove my car for the first time and I didn’t have a nervous breakdown!!
Driving is such an anxiety filled activity for me ever since I was a teenager and one of the main reasons why, up until this point, that I haven’t gotten my full license. I was relieved today to actually feel more relaxed than expected for the drive across town and then back home. I was still nervous as hell, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated it being either. I’m looking forward to getting out more often to practice and I know that the more I do that, the more confident I will get being out on the road as well. *happy dance*

Something that I did want to make a note of is how well my son has gotten at turning off lights when he leaves a room. It’s not a hundred percent of the time, but it’s greatly improved.
This time last year I had to constantly remind him or I’d do it myself because he was already downstairs or engaged in something else already. So it’s cool to see him remembering on his own more often.
He’ll go darting out of a room, only to quickly stop, zip around, and dash back to click the light off. It makes me smile just thinking about it!

And that all said, I am going to go back to playing some video games and have a drink. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve/Day as well 😀

Cheers ~ ✌


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