Day 13 ~ it’s a process & burpees breaking 1K

Day 13 ~ December 22nd, 2016

At the beginning of this week changing some obsessive behaviour from my son commenced. These kinds of behaviours are typical for anyone with Special Needs/ASD (of varying degrees and natures) and working through them so they aren’t disruptive of your day in the long run is a process. For my son it includes being firm, using simple language, using visuals if available, and sometimes having a re-direct ready on a dime.

So to explain the situation here…
My son likes collecting and taking his movies from his dad’s place and my place in his backpack everywhere he goes. He doesn’t necessarily want to watch them at the different places he just wants to “have” them with him. This wasn’t really a problem at the beginning because he’d keep them in his backpack, but it slowly became one reusable bag and then another and another and yeah, you get the idea.
It was causing problems when going out in public because we can’t bring that much stuff with us everywhere and it impedes his involvement in physical activities in many cases.
Sunday evening and Monday morning were by far the worst days out of this week. Lots of screaming, crashing, and crying because we could no longer just have all the movies we desired within physical reach for when he wanted them.

Today is Thursday and besides a few couple minute windows of where he yelled a bit about how he didn’t like it, the new routine seems to be understood now. It only took a few days and I’m glad that even though the behaviour isn’t 100% curbed, it is dampened and he is willing to carry on with his day despite not getting what he wants. A big win!

I got some more shortbread cookies baked this afternoon. These batches without the nutmeg are loads better in my opinion! Try to bake some of my favourite chocolate/butterscotch chop cookies tomorrow as they are quick to do.

The crazy amount of burpees continues on with the rep amounts increasing each day. I am over 1,000reps now, but I won’t do a full count until tomorrow morning most likely. I enjoyed burpees before this event, and aside from the soreness of doing so many of them the last few days the motion of them is almost effortless. I plan to make burpees a part of my warm-up before my daily workout everyday in the new year 🙂

And on that note I am going to go stretch and then maybe read for a bit!

Cheers ~ ✌


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