Day 12 ~ Xmas ready & lobbing snowballs

Day 12 ~ December 21th, 2016

Well, aside from a little more baking, that I will try to get done tomorrow and the next day, I think I am all organized for the holidays!

I walked down to ICBC yesterday morning and got my “L” renewed and because it’s a renewal I can go take my “N” road test whenever I feel ready for it. I’m thinking around March sometime, but I shall see how it goes. I’m actually excited to be driving, which is not something I thought I would ever say. I’ve been perfectly content to walk, run, or cycle wherever I need to get, but with my son getting bigger driving is definitely an easier form of travel. Plus, it means we will be able to do more in the future as we won’t be limited to places or activities right in our neighbourhood.

The Snowfight! at Darebee is getting crazy! Since it started I’ve “dodged” 771 snowballs, which means I have done that many burpees. But, it also means that I’ve sent out 1,542 snowballs for other members in The Hive to dodge so that’s pretty cool đŸ˜€ I am sore all over right now! I can’t seem to decide which part hurts the worst my obliques, my upperback, or my thighs. It’s kind of all blending together now. Hopefully the soreness will ease off some by tomorrow!

All from me tonight as I gotta start getting the kiddo off to bed!

Cheers ~ ✌


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