Day 11 ~ snow and burpees

Day 11 ~ December 18th, 2016

It’s snowing again this morning. I don’t mind at all though because I can feel that the really cold snap is done with for now. It hasn’t snowed this early in December in a few years so it’s kind of strange. I’m not used to having white Christmases anymore, but it is nice and makes it more festive šŸ˜›

The Snowfight! started yesterday at Darebee in The Hive. So every snowball thrown at you equals one burpee if you dodge it within 24 hours and then you get two of your own to throw at someone else. It’s been a lot of fun already and it’s only been one day and it doesn’t wrap up until Christmas Day! Lots of burpees in my future *smirk smirk*

Now to take my sore body up to bed! Night!

Cheers ~ ✌


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