Day 10 ~ gotta make a new habit

Day 10 ~ December 16th, 2016

This is becoming a bad habit, I need to get consistent with either typing a little every morning or evening. The tough part is typically getting it done in one shot because I am interrupted so much. It’s hard to keep a train of thought going when it’s derailed a handful of times in the process.

Aside from the middle of the night to about an hour after getting up, I feel like I am no longer sick. I still end up with a sore throat, or a slight cough, or plugged nose come bedtime though. Not sure what is up with that, but hopefully the tail end of that is upon me as well.

As part of my workout today, I needed to time how many push-ups I could do within two minutes with the target being between 80-100reps. I did a 110reps, not all in a row I took small pauses, but still a new feat for me. I am pleased to be able to do 50reps (in a row) in 48 seconds. I’d mentioned at some point this summer that I wanted to get that under a minute and I am elated to have achieved that personal goal.

By the start of the new year, all the At-Home Funding for my son should hopefully be set up. That whole process has gone on this week, so that means lots of emails/texts with his Speech and Occupational Therapists. Plus, some added in communication with the rest of his team so everyone knows what’s going on. It honestly doesn’t seem like much, or remotely tiring, when I look at those few sentences, but the back and forth from early this morning until dinner is exhausting for me.

Anyway that’s it for me today.

Cheers ~ ✌


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