Military Fit Plus & Cardio Blast ~ D11 & 12 + Fitness Advent ~ Done! + Fit Xmas D1-3

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 11 ~ Level 3/7 sets (sandbag workout) — a tiring workout with those holds as every third exercise and to failure as well. I almost gave up at Level 2 (5 sets), but I quickly jumped into the sixth set after that and just got it done quick like. Completely pooped afterwards!

Day 12: Conditioning ~ Level 3/7 sets — this looked more tiring on paper than it actually ended up being, but don’t get me wrong it was still tough. Lots of jumping and constant movement going on, my legs are feeling a touch sore this evening. I did the jump squats and first set of jump knee tucks to failure each set, but not the last set of tucks. I just couldn’t make my legs push further than what was required at the end of whole set.

Cardio Blast Challenge

Day 11 ~ 300 jumping jacks (1 set)

Day 12 ~ 160 high knees (1 set)

2016 Fitness Advent Calendar

Days 17 to 24 ~ completed! — this one is finished up now 🙂

Fit Christmas Seasonal 12-Day Program

Day 1 ~ Level 3/60reps each ~ jumping jacks (1 set) + knee-to-elbows (1 set) + high knees (1 set) + climbers (1 set)

Day 2 ~ Level 3/60 reps each ~ squats (30/30 with sandbag) + lunges (30/30 with sandbag) + side leg raises (1 set) + push-ups (50/10)

Day 3 ~ 400 flutter kicks (200/100/100)


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