Day 6 ~ chilly weather comes

Day 6 ~ December 7th, 2016

Well, I missed posting yesterday because the power went out, came back on for a short bit, and then went out again. I was worried it might go out again so I shut my computer off just in case the power went off once more. So, that’s why this obviously didn’t happen.

It’s cold today, -8 Celsius (feels like -13). I know this isn’t all that cold to many people, but two days ago it was like +12/13 so that is a big temperature drop and it’s impossible to acclimatize when it changes that quickly and by that much. I actually wore my winter coat for the first time today since the winter season hit.

Not really much else to say other than I am still not feeling better. The cough seems to be slowly (too slowly…) tapering off, but my throat is so sore tonight 😦 Hopefully feel just a bit better tomorrow!

Cheers ~ ✌


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