Military Fit Plus &Cardio Blast Challenge ~ Days 9 & 10 + Fitness Advent ~ Days 9 to 16

Military Fit Plus Program

Day 9 ~ Level 3/7 sets — a TON of army crawls! Thankfully my elbows aren’t as sore as they were this morning

Day 10 ~ Level 3/5 sets/5 minutes — 5 minute sets (x5) of non-stop high knees and then every 10 seconds doing a side jump (dodge) and a basic burpee *insert panting/sweating face here* Each set was followed by an intense coughing fit. I am clearly not healthy enough for this kind of intensive cardio as of yet, but hopefully it’s better in a few days.

2016 Fitness Advent Calendar

Days 9 to 16 ~ completed!

Unless an exercise called for several sets of the exercise I did them all in one go. I think I’ll finish this up tomorrow morning and then start Fit Christmas!

Cardio Blast Challenge

Day 9 ~ 250 jumping jacks (1 set)

Day 10 ~ 140 high knees (1 set)


80 knee-to-elbow crunches + 30 crunch kicks + 10 dips (no rest)/3 sets
100 flutter kicks + 20 raised leg circles + 6 dips (no rest)/3 sets
80 sitting twists + 25 leg raises + 8 pull-ups (no rest)/3 sets


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