Day 4 ~ early morning chill

Day 4 ~ December 4th, 2016

I slept straight through the night until my 5:30am alarm woke me up. I didn’t wake up once to cough or blow my nose. And this morning after clearing out the airways my sinuses seems to be back to normal too **happy dance** I may finally be getting better, but I suppose I will see how it goes tonight to know if that is correct or not!

It was great to get up early, do some crosswords, and drink my coffee (and actually taste it because my nose was clear again!) without coughing my head off. A nice start to the day!

I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by it seems like just a few weeks ago it was summer and now it’s already December. It’s just crazy how fast time flies as you get older. I thought about doing Christmas cards this year, but I am not organized enough for it so perhaps next year. I do plan on doing some baking this week and possibly next week as well so some Christmas-type things are going on.

I did my first workout with my DIY sandbag (35lbs) this morning and it was very different from anything I have ever done. I enjoyed it a lot, but it was a little odd and very tiring! My legs were just quivering by the time I finished up 7 sets haha
I think on workouts that need a sandbag I will take a pre-workout just to help give my muscles that extra kick so that I don’t tire out as fast next time. Hopefully I am not feeling too sore tomorrow. I only have one more day of doubled-up exercises and then it should even out until the end of the month. If this cough doesn’t linger too much longer then I can get some more running in again too! 😀

Cheers ~ ✌


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