Day 3 ~ just a little ‘meh’

Day 3 ~ December 3rd, 2016

Up until this evening I actually felt the best I have in the last few days and now my throat is hurting again…. and the cough is already revving back up. Why does it have to do this at the end of the day basically before/during bed?! Why not between lunch and dinner, or something like this, so it doesn’t particularly matter if I am hacking my lungs up…
Oh well! Fingers crossed that I get some alright sleep tonight and I am not awake at a stupid early time tomorrow morning like the last few days!

Not much else to remark on as my day was fairly relaxed. Other than getting some things done around the house it was just a “meh” kind of day.

I re-read through my biopsy instructions for Friday next week so I think I’m prepped up for that, moved some files around on the computer (still more to do), and moved the foam mats into the bathroom. They feel fantastic in there all nice and cushion-y šŸ˜› and the floor isn’t cold now too!

And on that random note I am outta here for today.

Cheers ~ āœŒ


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