Day 2 ~ maladies persist, but still plenty of happy dancing

Day 2 ~ December 2nd, 2016

I am so done with being sick… Seriously.
Between the cough I had for the first two weeks of November and now this sore throat/sinus cold I have happening this week, it means I haven’t done much of any running the past four weeks… 😦
I can’t seem to escape this foggy brain either despite not having taken any meds since before bed last night. It’s been almost 12 hours so my noodle shouldn’t be feeling loopy at all anymore. It’s odd, but hopefully it wears off as the day progresses!

As I was making my coffee this morning I realized that it has to be close to three months since I switched to decaf coffee *happy dance*
I’ve tried several times in the past to cut back on my caffeine intake, or cut it out entirely, and failed miserably so this is a big goal accomplished for me! Now that I am caffeine-free I’ve noticed I am ‘fully awake’ faster and earlier in the mornings and I fall asleep quicker at night too. I love that I am not dependent on a caffeinated beverage in the mornings anymore to get me up to a general functioning level.

On another happy/positive note, my son got approved for the At Home Funding Program! This means that he gets extra funding to go towards Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy and it opens the door for respite services as well. The whole process has taken close to 8 months so I was ecstatic to find the “you’re approved” letter in my mailbox this afternoon 😀

I think I will leave this here today and hopefully have more positive things to mention tomorrow ~ !


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