Because I’m never doing enough… Additional Program: Totals Days 1 to 6

Totals Program

Day 1 ~ 40 squats/40 lunges/40 bridges/40 side leg raises

Day 2 ~ 100 high knees/100 jumping jacks

Day 3 ~ 40 push-ups/80 punches/40 shoulder taps/40 reverse angels

Day 4 ~ 40 sit-ups/40 leg raises/40 knee-to-elbow crunches/40 side jackknives

Day 5 ~ 50 climbers/50 plank leg raises/50 lunges/50 side leg raises

Day 6 ~ 50 half jacks/50 jumping jacks/50 seal jacks/50 knee-to-elbows

For these days I did all exercises in one shot with little to no rest between each exercise. Basically only what I needed to transition to the next exercise, unless none was required. I imagine that next week I will need to break a few of the exercises into two sets at least.

And that has me caught up to match Strength Protocol so I’ll finish both programs on the same day.


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