ASD & Medication ~ semi-vent/personal opinion

I’ve contemplated putting posts of this nature up on the blog for a long while and, honestly, I am still not sure I want to go this direction even though I’ve already typed and published this one… Though whether any more pop up now and then remains to be seen or read I suppose…

Since the summer I have been barraged and pushed by professionals working with my son to medicate him. My stance is a very firm NO and I have no plans of changing that answer. It’s frustrating to not have my constantly repeated answer, or thoughts, respected and typically leads to some condescending ‘talking at me’ that I could do without. Sometimes this topic comes up several times in one 20 minute conversation, it’s ridiculous.

In my opinion, long-term medication is not a solution so should be an absolute last resort, if touched at all.

I understand that meds for Spectrum individuals (or other mental disorders) can be a helpful tool as I have worked with/cared for kids on the Spectrum who are medicated and I’ve seen how it’s beneficial to them, especially in social situations, like school. And, I am aware of how medication is also helpful to individuals with Mental Health issues. So, I am absolutely not against medication in general! I know it can be the difference from getting out of bed in the morning and functioning acceptable or withdrawing to the point of self-care decline or falling into rage cycles for no reason for some individuals.
There is also an underlying mentality of “med them up and that’ll fix it” in the medical community about this when it comes to, not only ASD/Mental Health diagnoses, but damn near everything else. This is something that greatly saddens me and I loathe how much medication is pushed at people.

Perhaps if my son had a very clear diagnosis of Anxiety or OCD (or something of this nature, which he doesn’t) then maybe I would, but that’s a very big maybe because, again, the meds aren’t meant to be a forever thing so why start at all is my thinking. SO, just trying out a f**kton of medications to see if something eventually works is ludicrous and isn’t good for the brain, which already has enough issues as it is without a random concoction of drugs helping muck it all up. But, this was basically the strategy they want to use, with an eight year old!!

I’m fortunate to have met someone who gets what I am going through and is knowledgeable enough to help navigate natural options that may help my son. I am optimistic about what we will end up trying and elated that I am not drugging up my kiddo. Perhaps with some blood work and/or a gene test done on him it could lead to some specific medication options in the future, but playing a guessing game with brain chemistry that’s not working correctly to begin with (!!) on a small child makes no sense.


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