#Darebee Challenges x2 + Unofficial Forearm Plus & 2-Min Pull-Up ~ Day 9

Squats & Punches Challenge

Day 9 ~ 350 punches (1 set)

Upperbody + Challenge

Day 9 ~ 8 bicep curls + 8 push-ups/4 sets — using 30lb dumbbells

Unofficial Forearm + Challenge

Day 9 ~ 8 wrist exts/pro/sup (each side)/4 sets — using 15lb dumbbell for extensions and 20lb dumbbell for the rest

Unofficial 2 Minute Pull-Up Challenge

Day 9 ~ 24 seconds up and 24 seconds down

I am totally attributing the fact that I can now do 16reps for pull-ups because of these two unofficial challenges. I plateaued at 15reps for so long and finally hit 16reps this morning! I’m glad that this was the difference I needed in my workouts to make some more progress happen *happy dance*


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