30-Day Movie Challenge ~ Days 23 to 29

Day 23 ~ Your favourite character from any movie

The detective played by William Defoe in Boondock Saints. I can’t remember his name in the movie, but I loved the character so much!

Day 24 ~ Favourite documentary

I love watching Vice News documentaries. Informative and issues that are going one now in the world.

I like the Planet Earth series as well, it’s very interesting.

Day 25 ~ A movie that no one would expect you to love

Old Kung Fu and martial art movies 😀 or old musicals

Day 26 ~ A movie that is a guilty pleasure

Definitely Foreign films or TV shows.

Day 27 ~ Favourite classic movie


Day 28 ~ Movie with the best soundtrack

I love the soundtracks to Underworld one and two. Fantastic!

Day 29 ~ A movie that changed you opinion about something

I don’t think this has happened yet, or if it has I am not recalling it at the moment.


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