30-Day Movie Challenge ~ Days 17 to 22

Day 17 ~ The best movie you saw this year so far


Day 18 ~ A movie that disappointed you the most

I may have to come back and edit this answer because I am certain there is one! But, I can’t recall what it is in the slightest….

Day 19 ~ Your favourite actor

Andy Samberg
Ryan Reynolds
Alan Rickman (RIP)
Robin Williams (RIP)
Chris Pratt
Robert Downey Jr.
Johnny Depp

Day 20 ~ Your favourite actree

Kate Beckinsale
Elizabeth Banks
Emily Blunt
Helene Bonham Carter
Meryl Streep
Julie Andrews
Anne Hathaway

Day 21 ~ The most overrated movie

Twilight movies and The Hunger Games

Day 22 ~ The most underrated movie

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and any older musical in my opinion!

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