30-Day Movie Challenge ~ Days 6 to 16

A big catch up post!

Day 6 ~ Your favourite comedy movie

Hot Rod

Day 7 ~ A movie that makes you happy

Pretty much any musical makes me damn near giddy 😛

Day 8 ~ A movie that makes you sad

War movies. I enjoy them because of the historical element, but they are so heart wrenching.

Day 9 ~ A movie that you know practically the entire script of

The original Star Wars Trilogy. Even the sound effects!

Day 10 ~ Your favourite director

Steven Spielberg and Guy Ritchie

Day 11 ~ Your favourite movie from your childhood

The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies!

Homeward Bound is a pick as well.

Day 12 ~ Your favourite animated movie

From when I was little: David Cooperfield and The Last Unicorn

Now: This moves from whatever new kiddo movie to the next one typically. Though Kung Fu Panda 3 and Finding Dory are both super funny!

Day 13 ~ A movie that you used to love, but now dislike

I don’t think that I have one. I either like a movie or I don’t…

Day 14 ~ Your favourite quote from any movie

Perry: My $2000 ceramic Vektor my mother got me as a special gift. You threw in the lake next to the car. What happens when they drag the lake? You think they’ll find my pistol. Jesus. Look up “idiot” in the dictionary. You know what you’ll find?

Harry: A picture of me?

Perry: No! The definition of the word idiot, which you fucking are!”

– from Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang with Val Kilmer and Robert Downy Jr.

Day 15 ~ The first movie you saw in theaters

It was either The Little Mermaid or White Fang

Day 16 ~ The last movie you saw in theaters

I believe it was Star Trek Beyond


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