Cardio/Abs, Endurance, & Office Challenges ~ Day 6 + Boxer Prime ~ Day 4 & 5

Cardio & Abs Challenge

Day 6 ~ 140 flutter kicks (1 set)

Endurance Challenge

Day 6 ~ 60 second elbow plank one go

Office Challenge

Day 6 ~ 60 seconds triceps dip hold

I am a handful of days behind in this program so I’m doubling up today and tomorrow so I can get back on track as quickly as possible!

Boxer Prime

Day 4 ~ Power: Six drills with 30 seconds rest between drills — A lot of push-ups so I know I will be sore before the end of the day. I don’t think I will fit in my regular arm weight lifting workout tomorrow, but I guess I will see how I feel then. I wrapped my hands, no gloves today, and did all drills on the punching bag.

Day 5 ~ Agility: no rest from start to finish. — I picked 20 minute steady run instead of 10 minute jump rope as my ankles are still not feeling great. The short run actually helped loosen up my still very sore quads and it just felt great to get moving like that again.


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