Cardio/Abs (D3-5), Endurance (D5), & Office (D3-5) Challenges + Boxer Prime ~ Day 3

Cardio & Abs Challenge

Day 3 ~ 1 minute high knees/3 sets

Day 4 ~ 1 minute flutter kicks + 1min rest/3 sets

Day 5 ~ 20 high knees + 20 climbers/4 sets

Endurance Challenge

Day 5 ~ 2 minute high knees non-stop

Office Challenge

Day 3 ~ 40sec wall sit

Day 4 ~ 40sec triceps dip hold

Day 5 ~ 60sec wall sit

Boxer Prime

Day 3 ~ Abs: Level 3/5 sets — A fantastic workout this morning! I still love core days 😀

— —

Half Marathon race tomorrow… Nervous and excited…
Not stoked for possibly having to run in the rain, especially now that the overall temperature is fall-like, it’s not going to be very warm. Hopefully it all goes just fine and I don’t end up hurting myself either!


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