Cardio/Abs, Endurance, & Office Challenges ~ Day 1 + Boxer Prime ~ Day 1

Cardio & Abs Challenge

Day 1 ~ 20 high knees + 20 climbers/3 sets — decided on no rest between sets for this first day.

Endurance Challenge

Day 1 ~ 1 minute of high knees non-stop

Office Challenge

Day 1 ~ 20 second wall sit

Boxer Prime

Day 1 ~ Speed: Level 3/7 sets (no EC) — I am going to likely move back and forth between Level 2 and Level 3 throughout this program. It is going to be tougher overall than the earlier ones I’ve done the last couple of months too. The full minute of push-ups each set was brutal ~ ~ ! Thankful that I practice them (and variations) several times a week or L3 might not have happened today!


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