MultiPlank & 10,000 Crunches Challenges ~ Days 9 to 11 + Fighter’s Codex ~ Days 9 to 11

Multiplank Challenge

Day 9 ~ 2 minute full side plank (1min each side)

Day 10 ~ 2 minute one arm full plank (lots of teeth gritting, it wasn’t easy!)

Day 11 ~ 2 minute reverse plank (Gah ~ hard!)

10,000 Crunches

Day 9 ~ 300 crunches (100/100/100)

Day 10 ~ 320 crunches (120/100/100)

Day 11 ~ 360 crunches (140/120/100)

Fighter’s Codex

Day 9 ~ Power: Level 3/10 sets — push-up and squat combos with kicks and back fists!

Day 10 ~ Challenge: 1,000 punches (1 set) — thanks to the Battleground event a little while ago at Darebee this was still pretty easy in one go. Glad I’ve maintained how many reps I can punch per set after the fact, makes me feel good!

Day 11 ~ Close Contact (practice basically): hooks, uppercuts, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and then some knee strike/elbow/hook combos. Filler between all exercises is 40 bounces + 40 side leg raises. Fairly easy day, got through it quickly. My left hooks are already getting better and have some power behind it now. My left elbow strike is improving, but I still have little to no power behind it.

I’m determined so it will happen eventually 😀


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