30-Day Harry Potter Challenge ~ Days 9 to 12

Day 9 ~ Your least favourite male character and why?

Peter Pettigrew, but you’re not suppose to like him. He’s snivelly and weasel-like and kind of all around irritating, but again that was what his character is supposed to be.

Day 10 ~ Pick one: Horcruxes or Hallows?

Hallows. Cool and easy!

Horcruxes are just too much work.
Gotta kill someone first, and then you need to protect it forever so it doesn’t backfire on you.

Day 11 ~ The character you relate to the most

Gosh! I am not sure….
Maybe Ron because I am from a large family too. I know all about hand me downs and watching the younger siblings, and not having money for fancy things, but having what I needed.

Day 12 ~ Your favourite pairing

Easily Fred and George! This duo is hilarious throughout the series!

And, romantically, it’s Ron Wesley and Hermione Granger. You saw it coming, you just didn’t know when it was going to happen đŸ™‚


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