MultiPlank & 10,000 Crunches Challenges ~ D6 & 7 + Fighter’s Codex ~ D6 & 7

Multiplank Challenge</em>

Day 6 ~ 2 minute uneven elbow plank

Day 7 ~ 2 minute alt arm/leg raise full plank

10,000 Crunches Challenge

Day 6 ~ 220 crunches (90/90/40)

Day 7 ~ 260 crunches (90/90/80)

Fighter’s Codex

Day 6 ~ Speed: 1 minute of each exercise (9 in total). All punches, kicks, and some simple combos. I did them in three-minute sets, so three exercises in one go, and then took a 1 minute rest. This made is more challenging for me.

Day 7 ~ Jet Li Tribute: L3/10 sets ~ all simple combos that contained kicks, except for one. My legs are gonna be sore tomorrow and, of course, tomorrow is leg day!


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