Multiplank & 10,000 Crunch Challenge ~ Day 1 & 2 + Fighter’s Codex ~ Day 1 & 2

All challenges and the program are from, and linked back to, šŸ˜€

30-Day Mutliplank Challenge

Each day is a different plank variation and you hold each one for two minutes each day, one shot not split into sets. This one looks so fun, really looking forward to it.

Day 1 ~ 2 minute full plank

Day 2 ~ 2 minute elbow plank

10,000 Crunches 30-Day Challenge

Day 1 ~ 140 crunches (70/70)

Day 2 ~ 160 crunches (80/80)

I didn’t expect this challenge to be this hard for me right at the beginning and I am glad that it is!! It’s going to be a good, core burning, time hahaha

Fighter’s Codex

Day 1 ~ Practice ~ punches, kicks, and then into combos with bounces & push-ups as filler between exercises.

Easy first day, but got the blood pumping. It’s going to be a good time!!

Day 2 ~ Speed ~ 1 minute each of nine exercises (punching/kicks/etc.)

My left hooks and left elbow strikes are not where I want them to be… -_- My form is good, I don’t sacrifice speed for bad form, but they still just feel so awkward and I want them to feel more natural.

Sore from all the kicks yesterday and didn’t think I would be, so that was a surprise this morning when I rolled out of bed.
To make it even better today was leg day and I went for a short 5K run!

Still in the “breaking in the new shoes” phase so I am planning a long run for the day after tomorrow at this point. Of course, that is dependent on the weather and what is going on at home as well. So far the new shoes are perfect and I hope they continue with being that way šŸ˜€

30-Day Water Challenge is another a challenge I am working on this month, but I won’t be reporting it on here. Partially because I won’t be finished each day when I decide to do my posts and the partly because it’s really not that interesting. I’m thinking I might do one update a week or one update halfway through and at the end. Either way, it won’t be often or daily.


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