30-Day Song Challenge ~ Days 1 to 8

This month started off with absolutely gorgeous weather so I did a rather good job of avoiding my computer in lieu of hanging outdoors 😛

But, this challenge has just started and I am already behind with it!! I think I will prep a few posts tonight so it requires even less time to do each post daily.

Day 1 ~ Your favourite song right now

Right now I am really into Escape The Fate.

Issues, One For the Money, and Gorgeous Nightmare are the regulars at the moment.

Day 2 ~ Your least favourite song or most disliked song/artist

Anything by Taylor Swift.
The repeating in almost all of her songs is ridiculous!

Day 3 ~ A song that makes you happy

Street Fight by Smallpools

Day 4 ~ A song that makes you sad

Slow Dancing Forever by I The Mighty

The first time I listened through this song, I struggled to not bawl my eyeballs out. Totally ridiculous…and such a sad song.

Day 5 ~ A song that reminds you of someone

Schism by Tool and All I Have to Give by The Backstreet Boys

Hahaha – two very different types of music!

Day 6 ~ A song that reminds you of somewhere

Not a song, but many songs, by The Beach Boys.
They were one of my first cassette tapes (this makes me sounds old!) and I would sing these songs while walking/biking around my hometown.

Day 7 ~ A song that reminds you of a certain event

Giants or Far, Far Away by Five Iron Frenzy. The first two songs I learned to play when I was taking some bass lessons as a teenager.

Day 8 ~ A song that you know all the words to

Well, there are LOTS of song I know all the words to, but the first one that comes to mind is Grenade by Bruno Mars.

It’s one of my son’s favourite songs and he asks me to sing it for him several times a week.


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