30-Day Blogging Challenge ~ Days 19 to 22

Day 19 ~ About my family

Alright, well I have a large-ish family and here is some generic information. I have three brothers and a sister. I am the oldest and there are two years between me and my first bro, four between me and my sister, and six between me and my youngest brothers. We are not a very affectionate family and this aspect if usually very strange for other people.

Most of us are musically inclined, each of us can play several instruments and/or sing. For most of the instruments we play, we are self taught and can play by ear and several of us write our own music as well.

I share interests with all my siblings, more with my brothers than my sister, and they range from anime, Korean shows, to a love for rodents, hiking, going to the gym, to baking, firearms, and hackey sack. Pooled it’s a very eclectic variety of likes/hobbies 😀

Day 20 ~ Things that bring me joy

Sitting in the sunshine, listening/dancing/singing to some good music, trail running – this is so exhilarating!!, seeing my son do something silly or laughing hysterically, reaching a personal goal. These are but a few things that bring me joy!

Day 21 ~ My fitness routine and goals

The fitness goals that I am working on are: be able to do 20 pull-ups, run a half-marathon, and be able to do the splits. I am in various states of progression for each of these goals. It is slow-moving, but I am determined to not hurt myself in the process.

Most of what I am working through at the moment is challenges and programs through Darebee. The programs/challenges change every month as I complete them.

My weight lifting is muscle group based and I do a chest and back day – two programs that are rotated bi-weekly; an arm day – triceps and forearm focused; a shoulder and lat day – I rotate chin-ups and pull-ups to failure bi-weekly; a leg day – two programs that are rotated bi-weekly; a core/balance/flexibility day; a core w/equipment day – yoga ball/pull-up bar/medicine ball; and a core/HIIT day. Some form of running is usually done every single day, but can be dependent on the weather or overall body soreness.

I want to put a touch more focus on flexibility and pull-ups next month. But, I also need to make sure I don’t lose focus from running either so I am ready for the half-marathon at the beginning of September!

Day 22 ~ Your worst habits

I am such a stubborn person. It can be a good thing, but it can also be a hindrance as well.

I can be overly critical and because I don’t really sympathize well with others I come across very cold and callous to some people. I can be a decent listener, but I will likely play devil’s advocate, and to someone who is just wanting to vent this is quite vexing.


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