Push-Up Ladder Challenge ~ Day 11 + Age of Pandora Ch 13 & 14

Push-Up Ladder Challenge D11 ~ 6 wide + 4 classic + 4 close (30sec rest)/3 sets ✔

Age of Pandora Ch.13

Sneaking into the Dreamers Temple whilst Alana the thief distracts the guards ~ L3/20reps each exercise/7 sets

bounces + bounce/bounce/squat + bounce/bounce/jumping jack + bounces + bounce/bounce/squat + bounce/bounce/split jacks

I do running laps around my downstairs for active rest between sets and running after twenty squats is not easy!

Age of Pandora Ch.14

Head back to camp from Dreamer’s Temple ~ 15 travel points ~ L3 high knees = 300reps

Reinforce camp defenses ~ L3/5 sets

12 push-ups + 20 scissors + 20-ct raised arm hold + 12 push-ups + 20 side arm raises + 20-ct raised arm hold

So, so grateful that I practice a lengthened arm hold every single week for the past few months!

Age of Pandora at Darebee

A new part of my core workout this afternoon:

30 crunches
20 bicycle crunches
30 heel taps
20 reverse crunches
30 sec rest
15 side plank hip lifts (R)
30 crunches
15 side plank hip lifts (L)
40 sitting twists
30 sec rest
30 bicycle crunches
15 knee-in & twist (R)
20 reverse crunches
15 knee-in & twist (L)
10 leg raises

Today I did 3 sets of this circuit with a full two-minute break at the end of each. It was tough by the time I got to the last section each time, but not to the point were I was gasping or wishing for it to be over already. So, I want to see how sore I feel later tonight or tomorrow, if at all, before I decide to add more reps to some of the exercises. Or, maybe add-on one more section?? Not sure yet…

For all three of my core days, I am actually in the process of changing them up. One will be focused on work with equipment (yoga ball/pull-up bar/roller…), one will be core and balanced focused, and one will be core and HIIT focused. It’s time to start changing things up so I don’t plateau or get bored. Next week I will start looking at all my other days and decide what and how I am changing them.


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