30-Day Blogging Challenge ~ Day 7 & Day 8

Day 7 ~ What do you do to motivate yourself? Especially when it is to do something less than desirable!

In most situations I use music. I sing, dance around wherever I am at, and just get started doing have has to get done. Self-motivating most days insist all that difficult for me, but I do have days that can be tougher too.

If it isn’t something that I really want to do then, I am in the habit of doing it right away. If I think “I don’t want to go for a run.” or “I don’t want to do the dishes.“, then I do it immediately so I don’t procrastinate it and end up time crunching myself or not getting something else done.

This thought process is especially true when I am doing a workout that is tough, or I am simply pushing myself a little harder on a regular workout.
I do the same thing as mentioned above, but the only difference is that it is more like “I don’t want to do one more rep/set” or “I’m too sore to do (insert less preferred exercise here)”.
When I think these things I instantly do it and I am always the better for it, both physically and mentally!

Day 8 ~ Have you ever gone to bed feeling angry?

When I was teenager, definitely happened all the time, but all it accomplished was a fitful, restless sleep and I woke up still feeling angry.

I don’t like feeling angry so I will not go to sleep or even move to the bedroom if I am any degree of mad. I am not a morning person either, despite my normal up-with-the-sun routine, so that coupled with angry feelings would make for a volcanic-like situation with me.

Most nights I already have a hard enough time doing the sleep thing so I do my best to keep those kind of negative vibes away from that area.

So the real short answer for this now is, No. I haven’t gone to sleep angry in a very long time šŸ™‚


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