30-Day Blogging Challenge ~ D4, D5, & D6

Day 4 ~ Your Dream Job

Working as translator in another country is still kind of my dream job, but realistically that isn’t something that I could probably make happen unfortunately. I love languages so much and I wish I could have pursued this academically when I was in high school and into post-secondary.

What I am slowly working towards now is becoming a personal trainer. I realized that working out/fitness is something that I could enjoy every day and help others as well.

Day 5 ~ My Favourites

So, I just spewed out a whole bunch of favourites…

Favourite colour – blue, or more accurately, midnight blue
Favourite movie – I’ll put a handful of movies that I can never get sick of watching šŸ™‚
The Fifth Element, Lucky Number Slevin, Star Wars, Rurouni Kenshin, and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Favourite food – Lamb or moose, BBQ’d, with sauteed mushrooms and asparagus. A chicken, caesar salad with baby tomatoes is a good one too.
Favourite beverage – coffee and water
Favourite TV show – Hmmm… Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn 99 stay up there fairly consistently
Favourite type of music – I like pretty much everything, but post-hardcore is my default genre.
Favourite type of fitness/exercise – running and body-weight exercises
Favourite outdoor activity – hiking or sitting at the beach with a book or crosswords
Favourite thing to do to relax – listen to music
Favourite restaurant – Original Joes
Favourite season – Fall
Favourite animal – Bats (or any rodent basically šŸ˜› ), monkeys, and frogs
Favourite candy – Laffy Taffy, especially the banana flavoured ones
Favourite flower or plant – Roses
Favourite electronic device – my eReader
Favourite instrument that I can play – piano
Favourite instrument that I can’t play – violin or drums
Favourite language – Korean, but French is a real close second
Favourite smell – cinnamon and/or vanilla
Favourite video game console – Nintendo 64
Favourite time of day – the first hour from sun-up and the last hour as the sun goes down
Favourite sport to watch – UFC, then hockey, and then rugby

Day 6 ~ My obstacles or challenges

My main obstacle is having someone, or a system in place, to care for my son when I need(or want) to do things that he can’t be involved in.
Either because of his age, physical ability, or just overall life skill functionality.
I don’t harbour any negative feelings about this towards my son, it is definitely not his fault, it does make for some difficult and interesting challenges in a day/week/month though. I’ve grow in patient abundantly over the last five years šŸ˜€
I imagine that this is a struggle for most parents with a child who has ASD. You’ve got to get creative in the end!!


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