30-Day Blogging Challenge ~ Day 1 & Day 2

Day 1 ~ The greatest lessons that I’ve learned

The first thing that comes to mind is:
To be more teachable! To take direction when I need it and full instruction when learning something new.

I can still have a difficult time with this, especially if what I am learning isn’t interesting at all. Part of the reason I struggle(d) so much with this is because I learn by physically interacting with whatever I’m learning or finding a direct application of it for daily use. Most often something is taught orally which is an impossible way for me to glean information and/or there is so much back story info that it muddles the important stuff.

I am loads better at this than when I was a teenager and I am a much more patient person as well so that only helps in situations like these.

The second thing is:

Carefully thought out words presented in a calm way when in an argument, or heated discussion, with someone are more effective than throwing swear words and blame around with raised voices.

I don’t like arguing, but I am not afraid of confrontation. This seems like an oxymoron I’m sure, but I don’t think confrontation needs to be loud or ugly. I think it can be a calm discussion, especially if both parties are adults.

Also, I am a big advocate for ‘both sides of the story’, perspective essentially. I don’t think any one person is right or wrong in an argument, what we think is just different and that is ok. The goal is simply to try ones best to understand each other even if you can’t agree on each others point of view.

Being able to do this has taken most of my twenties, and now it’s a much more natural reaction for the most part. I am not saying I never get mad/frustrated/annoyed at things or at someone, that would be a lie, but I do my best to stay calm in those kinds of situations. I never want to say something I will regret in a heated moment, because those things can’t be taken back and I am the type of person who will never intentionally hurt someone I care about. ever.

This is honestly one the things I am personally most proud of in my life.

Day 2 ~ 20 facts about me

1) I am almost always constantly moving, unless I am asleep. I don’t like being stationary.
2) I like to randomly dance. Out on a walk, around the house, at the grocery store, anywhere is fair game.
3) I have no hair-styling or make-up skills. None at all.
4) I work out every single day. Even days I don’t feel 100%.
5) Singing in the shower is a must!
6) I am a huge Star Wars fan.
7) Making or breaking habits is easy for me.
8) I am extremely competitive. More so with myself and my brothers, than anyone else.
9) I only like BMX bikes because I dislike using gears.
10) I sleep on my stomach.
11) I enjoy yard work a lot.
12) Swimming is not a good time for me. I am terrible at it and I don’t like being wet.
13) I rarely get sick. It’s been about two years since I’ve had anything, even a cold. *knocks on wood*
14) I love languages and I wish I had more time to put towards learning more of them and on the ones I am working on now.
15) Tags sticking up at the back of shirts drives me crazy and I have fixed random strangers shirt tags before. I try not to do this anymore though because it freaks people out 😛
16) I will always choose a book over a movie!
17) I am not great at responding to emails or messages. Sorry ~ !
18) Most days I still where a wristwatch.
19) Running is therapeutic for me.
20) I prefer talking on the phone to text messaging or any other form of electronic communicating. And I prefer talking in person over talking on the phone.


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