Jump Rope, Ab, & Boxer Challenges ~ Days 28 to 30

Jump Rope Challenge D28 ~ 4min skips non-stop ✓

Ab Advanced Challenge D28 ~ 200 up & down planks ✔

Split into 4 sets of 50reps

Boxer Challenge D28 ~ 3min non-stop: 1 push-up + 4 punches ☑

This was much easier when I couldn’t see my timer counting down surprisingly.
I used to be the other way, needed to see it or it felt like time was dragging on, so it’s interesting that it has switched on me.

Jump Rope Challenge D29 ~ 1min skips + 1min rest/5 sets ✓

Ab Advanced Challenge D29 ~ 580 sit-ups + 580 sitting twists + 290 leg raises ✔

Sit-ups – 300/280
Twists – 160/160/160/100
Raises – 80/80/80/50

Boxer Challenge D29 ~ 20sec high knees + 20sec punches (no rest)/7 sets ☑

Jump Rope Challenge D30 ~ 1000 skips one workout ✓

I split the skips into two sets of 500 and rotated a slower turn of the rope and a faster one every 20 skips.

Ab Advanced Challenge D30 ~ 600 sit-ups + 600 sitting twists + 300 leg raises ✔

Sit-ups – 300/300
Twists – 200/200/100/100
Raises – 90/80/70/60

Boxer Challenge D30 ~ 10 push-ups + 40 punches (no rest)/7 sets ☑

So, so tough! But got it done *fist pump*

This is the end of these three challenges!! I will be picking a new one tomorrow afternoon, at this point only one, but possibly two depending on the new challenge for June at Darebee šŸ˜€


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